In 2015, annual sales for Amazon USA was approximately $107 Billion.  Currently only 50% of Amazon Sellers actually sell their own brand.  So there is a massive opportunity for Amazon Sellers to sell their own private label products on the world’s largest online platform. 
Amazon greatly simplifies the selling process, as well as the fulfillment process of shipping your orders.  Likewise, we greatly simplify the process of creating your own brand of private labeled products.  We have been in business for 20 years. We have a very simple, turnkey process, which removes the hassles and chaos typically associated with private labeling. In addition, we offer:
–      Free Graphic Designing to Create Your Label
–      Lowest Minimums

–      Shortest Lead Times

–      Premium Natural Formulations
–      Premium High-Gloss Labels


There is no easier business model than letting us produce your products and letting Amazon stock and ship them for you!
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