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All Season Pond Bacteria

This product is an advanced, hybrid formulation of beneficial heterotrophic pond bacteria with added specialized cold water species of beneficial bacteria. It will eliminate fish wastes, excess fish food, toxic ammonia & nitrite. In addition, it will remove problem-causing nitrate, phosphate and odors in watergardens and koi ponds. This product will achieve results year-round, in water temperatures ranging from 35 – 100 F.

This product can greatly reduce the need for pond chemical treatments to keep the water healthy and clear. It also reduces the need to physically clean out bottom-sludge (excess fish food, fish wastes, decaying plant material, etc.). If you’re concerned about safety, this is the product to use in your fish pond.

This eco-friendly formula is biodegradable and the bottle can be recycled.

If you have murky water due to inorganic wastes (mud & clay), we recommend our Aspire Concentrated Liquid Flocculant, to immediately clear the water.

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