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Natural Gravel Cleaner

This formulation contains a synergistic blend of beneficial bacteria, chosen for their unique ability to perform at optimum levels in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. It's an all natural product that will allow you to clean your fish tank without harming your plants, fish and other wildlife. It's also reef safe.

This formulation contains a blend of beneficial aquarium bacteria that will eliminate: fish wastes, excess fish food, toxic ammonia & nitrite, problem-causing nitrate & phosphate and odors. It reduces the number of yearly water changes needed to keep aquarium gravel clean, by biologically eliminating the organic wastes that accumulate in the gravel. This natural formulation will safely create a healthy and crystal clear aquarium for you and your fish. It's by far the easiest way to perform gravel cleaning!

The eco-friendly ingredients in this formulation are biodegradable and the bottle can be recycled.

Be sure to use an Aspire water conditioner to ensure the safety of your aquatic life when starting up new aquariums or during water changes.

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