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Naturally Derived 5-in-1 Pet Wash

This specialized formula is a complete body wash. It is a natural cleanser, moisturizer, conditioner, deodorizer and detangler all in one formula!

All ingredients in this formulation are naturally derived.

It is a re-mineralizing body cleanser, which helps eliminate toxins, replenish the skin's natural moisture, and replace depleted nutrients. It leaves a “show-pet shine” with each use. It is ultra-mild and every ingredient is derived from a natural source (coconut oil, brown kelp, citrus fruit extracts, sugars, etc.). This unique formulation combines natural minerals, which soothes skin, and a unique blend of natural amino acids and rich emollients, which lock in moisture. This creamy, lightly fragranced formula lathers gently then rinses clean, resulting in softer, smoother, healthier looking skin. It is soap-free and gentle enough for sensitive skin. It's a natural pet product that should be used on dogs with dry or sensitive skin. It's simply the best pet shampoo available.

The eco-friendly ingredients in this formula are biodegradable and the bottle can even be recycled.

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