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Naturally Derived Ear Cleaner

Every ingredient in this formulation has been naturally derived.
Unlike chemical products, this formulation is ultra-mild and every ingredient is derived from a natural source (coconut oil, palm oil, citrus extracts, etc.). It is a proprietary formulation that is one of the most effective horse ear cleaners available. It gently cleans dirt, ear wax and debris from the ear. It also eliminates odors.
It will clean, dry, acidify, and deodorize the ear canal. It contains natural alternatives to harsh chemicals. It is sulfate-free, phosphate-free, alcohol-free, preservative-free and paraben-free. The vegetable-based ingredients in this ear wash help to condition and moisturize without depleting the skin's natural lipid barrier.
This is a natural remedy for horses that will allow you to keep your horse's ears clean and healthy on a continuous basis, thereby preventing future issues.The eco-friendly ingredients in this formula are biodegradable and the bottle can even be recycled
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