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Pond Bacteria Packets with Barley Straw

This all-natural formulation of beneficial pond bacteria and pulverized barley straw can be used year-round, to eliminate fish wastes, excess fish food and other suspended wastes from pond water. It also allows you to remove toxic ammonia, nitrite, problem-causing nitrate and phosphate without the use of harsh pond chemicals. This 2-in-1 product is a powerful natural water treatment. The barley straw and beneficial bacteria work together to clean ponds using nature’s ingredients!

It will clear murky water and remove odors leaving a clear and healthy pond ecosystem.

For ease of use, this formulation has been produced in pre-measured, 1 oz water soluble packets. Upon coming into contact with water, the packet will dissolve within minutes, allowing the product to activate.

This product can greatly reduce the need for chemical treatments to keep the water healthy and clear. It also reduces the need to physically clean out bottom-sludge (excess fish food, fish wastes, decaying plant material, etc.).

This product contains eco-friendly, biodegradable ingredients and the container can also be recycled.

If you have murky water due to inorganic wastes such as mud or clay, use the Aspire Concentrated Liquid Flocculant to immediately clear water.

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