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Super Concentrated Blue Colorant

This concentrated quart of blue pond & lake colorant replaces the industry standard gallons. Each concentrated quart will treat an entire surface acre of pond water, up to 3-6 feet deep (1 – 2 million gallons)! This blue dye is designed to provide an aesthetically-pleasing appearance to farm ponds and irrigation ponds. This unique formulation does not contain yellow colorant, so it will not dye the water “green”. Nor will it turn water into a “fake blue” appearance. It provides a natural blue color!

This lake colorant will not stain fish, birds, plants, pets or wildlife, when applied at the recommended rate.

The eco-friendly ingredients in this formula are biodegradable and the plastic bottle can also be recycled.

If your water is murky due to organic wastes, please see the Aspire line of bacteria treatments to create a clear and healthy ecosystem. If your water is murky due to inorganics (such as mud & clay), use the Aspire Water Clarifier to quickly clear water.

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