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Super Concentrated Natural Pond Cleaner

This concentrated quart of Natural Pond Cleaner contains the same amount of active ingredients found in 5 gallons of competing industry standard pond bacteria formulas.

This 100% biodegradable formula contains a blend of beneficial pond bacteria chosen for their ability to naturally clean ponds quickly and effectively. Many years of research went into developing the right mix of bacteria that can remain working well even against unfavorable weather conditions, varying pH levels and other environmental factors! It will eliminate murky water, bottom-sludge and odors. In addition, it will eliminate excess, problem-causing nutrients (phosphate & nitrate) that can build-up naturally or be the result of fertilizer run-off. It's the best product you can use to manage your pond safely and effectively.

This natural pond water treatment should be used to clear up the following types of ponds:

  • Farm Ponds
  • Ranch Ponds
  • Subdivision Ponds
  • Fish Ponds
  • Natural Earthen Ponds
  • Livestock Ponds
  • Grow-out Ponds
  • Catfish Ponds
  • Perch Ponds
  • Stocking Ponds
  • Aquaculture Ponds

This product can greatly reduce the need for chemical treatments to keep the water healthy and clean. It also reduces the need to physically clean out bottom-sludge (excess fish food, fish wastes, decaying plant material, etc.). It makes cleaning and maintaining your pond simple and easy.

The eco-friendly ingredients in this formula are biodegradable and the bottle can even be recycled.

If you have murky water due to inorganic wastes (mud & clay), we recommend the Aspire Concentrated Water Clarifier, to immediately clear the water.

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