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I must say I am impressed. My Shi Tzu, who has all sorts of dry skin problems and more allergies than I can count, did EXTREMELY well with it. He is not scratching at all and his fur looks spectacular.

Brigitte - St. Louis, MO

The Aspire Thrush Treatment product works very well. It dries up the Thrush without drying out the hoof!

Marty - Sullivan, MO

I was so impressed with the Aspire 5-in-1 Pet Wash. The lather was incredibly rich and washed out more dirt than I have seen from other shampoos. I love the refreshing, light citrus scent that truly takes away our dog’s odor. Now having a beautiful, velvet-soft coat and the odor removed, our family is enjoying time with Ginger more than ever!

Pat - Chicago, IL

The All-in-One Equine Wash works well. It leaves a nice shiny coat and does not dry out the skin. Rinses easily and also smells nice without being overpowering. If the shampoo were heavier in conditioning, it might make the body hair too slick or sticky.

Debora - Hamilton, MT

I used the Aspire 5-in-1 Pet Wash on Nikko. I loved it. The fragrance is so natural and fresh, not overpowering at all. It rinsed clean and gave Nikko a gorgeous coat, which is perfect for his sensitive skin.

Katie - Katy, TX

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