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So far I have used and LOVE the Aspire All-In-One Equine Wash and Aspire Thrush Treatment. The shampoo is low lather and rinses clean. The Thrush Treatment has no smell, works well. Thank you! I will be happy to promote on our website, Facebook and newsletter.

Christine - Croton, OH

I used the Aspire Pet Stain & Odor Remover after my dog threw up. It removed the initial stain with the wiping of the solution, and continued to remove the rest of the stain, after putting a wet cloth over the area for a few hours. After I removed the rag, there was no stain and no harsh smell. I also notice that with the the Aspire Pet Stain & Odor Remover, the residue of the stain rinsed completely out of the rag. Most stain removers on the market nowadays, leave some of the stain behind in the rag, after rinsing.

Deb - St. Louis, MO

Loved the Aspire products we used. I have even posted pictures on my FB page listing your product used with 3 horses we sent home :)

Christine - Ohio

I had to send a note after using the Aspire 5-in-1 Pet Wash, since bath time is no fun at our house. Our dog Louie is a rescue from New Orleans, his Southern owners had no choice but to take him to a shelter when Hurricane Katrina hit. The shelter where he was left was badly hit by the hurricane. He’s lucky to be alive. That said, he does not like water of any kind, including bath time. The 1st noticeable thing after using the Aspire 5-in1 was how easily it rinsed out of his coat, making bath time shorter. It was amazing, just a quick, clean rinse. Then after we dried him he wanted to play- that NEVER happens. Usually he runs and hides under the bed. He was so relaxed and fun. His coat has stayed so incredibly soft and all of his sensitive areas, which are normally dry, seem to have disappeared. Lastly, it has been raining here in Southern California, which does not happen very often, and there has been no stinky ‘wet dog’ smell hanging around on Lou :)

Beth - San Diego, CA

I spoke yesterday with my prospective customer at the Riding Academy. She absolutely loves the Aspire 5-in-1 Pet Wash – Shampoo, Conditioner, Moisturizer, Detangler. She loves the fragrance, the consistency, the quality, the ease of use of this product and that there is only 1 step.

Linda - Jamaica, NY

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